When you are looking for the right storage unit for your needs, consider a climate-controlled unit. They are available at most storage facilities and normally come in the same sizes as the units that don't offer climate control. Read this guide on the benefits of climate-controlled storage units to learn why one might benefit you in a way you'd appreciate. 

Protect your items from extreme temperatures

If you live where it gets below freezing at times, then those low temperatures are what your things will be stored in without climate control. Anything that shouldn't be in such extreme temperatures can end up cracking and breaking, or getting other kinds of damage. If you live where it gets very hot, then the storage unit will be extremely hot. All your items that shouldn't be exposed to heat for extended periods of time can become brittle, crack, warp, or get other damage. 

Protection from humidity issues

Humidity is another thing you should be concerned with when you are going to be storing your things somewhere. If they are stored in a unit with high humidity, then this can be problematic in many ways. The humidity can also cause damage like warping or cracking. Plus, humidity can also cause mold or mildew growth and this can be very bad for your things. 

Better air quality

Another nice thing about climate-controlled units is they tend to have better air quality as well. Not only does this mean that your things won't be exposed to the dust and bacteria they would be otherwise, but it's also better for you. When you are in the storage unit to go through your things, you will be breathing healthier air. If you already have issues like allergies or asthma, then this will be even more important. 

Less risk of pests

While storage units give you a great space to store things, they can be at risk of pests, just as your home or any other palace would be. However, the way the climate-controlled storage units are designed can lower the chances of pests getting inside. This is due to the nits being sealed especially well in order to help keep the temperatures well-controlled. Now that you see how great the units with the climate control feature can be, you may find that the decision on the type of unit you choose will be much easier to make.

To learn more, contact a climate-controlled self-storage unit supplier in your area.