Whether you are getting ready to rent a storage unit or you already have one filled, you may be interested in how you can better organize all of your things. Sure, you might have to pull stuff out of your already packed self-storage unit, but getting it organized is a great way to make sure that you are always going to be able to find what you want when you want it. Here are some tips to help you efficiently organize your storage unit: 

Create An Inventory List And A Map

You will want to make sure that you are making a record of all of the things that will be kept in storage. After all, the longer your things are in storage, the harder it may become to remember just what it is you have in there. You might remember some of the big stuff, like furniture, but easily forget the smaller things that are packed away in boxes. A master list of your inventory will be a great help. You might also want to consider making a quick sketch of a map, showing where certain things are. For example, you might have all of your kitchen supplies kept in green totes on the left side of the storage unit.

Keep Larger Items In The Back

Place all of your larger items along the back wall. This will allow you to keep the smaller items, both boxed and unboxed, toward the front of the unit. You can disassemble some furniture items and store them upright, such as your dining room table. This can help free up a lot of space that can be used for storing other items. You can also stack some boxes and bags on sturdy furniture that has ample room on top. You just want to make sure that nothing is going to fall over. Consider storing some of your more fragile items inside some dresser drawers or in an oven that you are also storing.

Take the previously mentioned tips and make sure that you are putting them to good use. Before you know it, your self-storage unit will be nicely arranged so you will not have to worry about things breaking or you being unable to find what you are looking for when you go in there. Share those tips with your friends and family and maybe help them get their self-storage units more organized.

Contact a local self-storage service to learn more.