The period following the death of a loved one is a challenging time for most families. Along with the obvious emotional difficulties they face, there are also a myriad of legal, financial, and physical challenges. One simple tool that can help you and your family in a number of ways is a self storage unit. How? Here are a few tasks it can help you with.

1. Securing Disputed Assets

Unfortunately, the division of assets is not always cut and dried. Some family members may want the same memorabilia or expensive heirlooms. Someone may contest the will itself, or you may not actually be sure who owns what. Place disputed things in a storage unit and secure it with multiple locks so no one has unsupervised access. 

2. Protecting Fragile Assets

The executor's job during probate is to take charge of the estate's assets and protect them for distribution to heirs. Some assets may need extra protection for different reasons. A storage unit keeps antique vehicles out of the weather, removes delicate artworks from cleanup and move-out work, and locks up valuables.

3. Separating Business Activity

Even though everyone is grieving, executors and family often have to sort through and sell some or all of the deceased person's possessions. Could this be too difficult to have happening at the person's home and around their loved ones? If so, move yard sales, donation pickups, online sales, and other transactions to an off-site facility to prevent awkwardness.

4. Storing Items for Later

If you and your family need to clean out a deceased person's home, office, or other personal locations, don't feel obligated to get rid of everything right away. Many people recommend taking time before purging personal belongings. You may also need to wait in order to give all family members a chance to take sentimental items. Place them safely in storage until you're ready to do this difficult job. 

5. Serving as Estate Office

An executor may find that a simple self-storage unit can be a great way to operate an office for their work for the estate. Use it to gather necessary documents together and store these in an organized manner. Place a desk or table inside and use it to work on estate business. Or, simply keep items under your control and out of the hands of everyone else. 

Where to Start

The best way to decide if a self-storage unit could help your family while they mourn is to tour residential storage facilities in your area. No matter what goals you have, you may find that this one addition makes the work easier, less stressful, and faster. 

You can turn to a company such as Storco Self Storage to find out more.