If you're considering getting a self-storage unit to hold some of your extra possessions, you might consider using a climate-controlled self-storage unit. These units are not only a special preference for homeowners seeking extra storage space, but they're also widely used by business owners seeking storage space for their business documents and special assets.

The combined demand for these units from the residential and commercial setups has put climate-controlled self-storage units in the spotlight. Here are some reasons why the demand for these units is on the rise and why you should use one when in need of extra storage space.

Minimizes the Effect of Temperature Fluctuations

The main reason homeowners and business people opt for climate-controlled self-storage units is maintaining a desired temperature inside the unit. This helps to protect items that can get damaged when exposed to adverse temperature conditions. Whether it's extreme cold or hot conditions that you want to avoid, the unit allows you to set the temperature requirements that meet your needs.

Some items aren't susceptible to extreme temperatures but would still be affected if you leave them in a non-controlled unit for a long time. Some of these items include electronics, furniture, artwork, mattresses, essential documents, and musical instruments.  

Ideal for Long-Term Storage

You may never know how long your items will have to remain in storage before you get another storage alternative. Because of this uncertainty, you'll need a storage unit that can keep your items in perfect conditions for a long time. A climate-controlled self-storage unit is the best option to consider. 

Despite having temperature control features, some climate-controlled self-storage units have humidity control abilities that ensure the moisture level is kept constant inside the unit. With ideal humidity and temperature levels, your items can stay in storage for a long time without getting damaged.

Additional Protection from Pest, Minor Floods, and Dust

A climate-controlled storage unit is typically secured in a building with sealed and insulated roofing, floor, and walls. This sealing and insulation offer additional protection from destructive pests, minor flood water, and dust debris. 

If you're planning to have your items in storage for a long time, you will not have to worry about these items getting chewed up by rodents or splashed with dirt and water. You'll always come back to your items in the same condition you left them in when you packed them in the unit.

For more information, contact a self-storage facility in your area.