Due to their fragility and bulkiness, it's often best to store wedding decorations in a storage unit. If you'll be doing this with your wedding decorations, you'll find these tips helpful.

Rent a very spacious unit

When evaluating the sizes of the available storage units at the local storage facilities, you should choose a very spacious unit (i.e. one which, after you've filled it with the wedding decorations, will still have quite a bit of free space). These decorations need to stay clean and in perfect condition whilst they're in the unit. This might be hard to accomplish if you opt for a unit into which you can barely fit all of your decorations, particularly if any of them are fragile.

For example, if the unit you book is tiny and your decorations are stuffed into it, delicate paper-flower garlands might get crushed and wrinkled by the heavier decorations between which they've been crammed, and you might trample on any uninflated balloons that fall on the floor, and leave them covered in dusty shoe prints. You may also find that the stems of any fragile faux-flower corsages or bouquets you store might get bent, and the petals crushed, if they're stuffed in with too many other items.

Conversely, if you big a large unit, you can leave some space between every type of decor you put inside it. You could also put in a few tables, and lay your wedding decor neatly on top of them. This should ensure that these decorations look as lovely on the day you take them out of the unit as they did on the day you put them in.

Don't use the unit to store other random items

After renting the unit, you might find the idea of stowing other random household items in it quite tempting (particularly if you follow the advice about booking a big unit). However, if you need somewhere to put, for example, your gardening equipment or your surplus furniture, it's best to book a second unit and put them into this one.

If you gradually fill the unit with non-wedding items, it may take a long time to find the decor items you need for the wedding when you go looking for them, and there's a chance that some of the smaller decorative items (such as tealights) could go missing. Furthermore, these other items could damage your wedding decor; for example, if your lawnmower's gas tank leaks, it could seep onto and stain fabrics or artificial flowers.