When you are in the process of designing the layout of a new warehouse for your inventory, it is important that it is created for maximum efficiency. Your forklifts need to be able to load and download pallets of inventory without any obstacles, and this also holds true for all of your other material handling equipment. For this reason, it is best to first consider your pallet racks for your warehouse. The following are a few things to consider when shopping for pallet racks.

The weight capacity you will need

You need to determine the heaviest pallet you will store, then multiply that by the number of pallets you will stack. Keep in mind that although you may not plan on pallets of equal weight, it is best to be conservative and calculate based upon storing your heaviest pallets stack on top of each other. After this, you may want to add a little more to the weight to make sure you have plenty of excess capacity for your shelving. The next step is to look for shelving that is compatible with your inventory weight.

Consider buying a pallet racking system

A pallet racking system simply refers to a type of pallet rack that is easily expanded when necessary. These types of racks can be attached to each other as units to form more elaborate and extensive shelving in a warehouse. When you purchase this type of system, you don't need to fill your entire warehouse with shelving, at least not in the beginning. You can buy only what you need, then expand at a later time.

Consider accessories for your pallet racks

Depending upon the particular brand of pallet rack you purchase, you should also look at the availability of accessories. You need to make sure what you need can be purchased along with the pallet racks. A good example of an important accessory is the pallet racking. This is material that can be installed on the rack for greater safety. Wire mesh is a popular material, but there are low-cost support channels that can be installed so that plywood can be laid across the pallet rack.

Row spacers are also important

These allow for the shelving to be increased or decreased in height. You may only need a fixed height today, but this may change in the future. With row spacers, it is a simple matter to adjust your shelves for a change in the pallet load height. Make sure that the industrial shelving you buy is designed to be adjustable, and these row spacers are available as an accessory.

The pallet racks you purchase for your warehouse should be your first consideration. Calculate your weight requirement, and also look for modular type racks for easy expansion. And look for accessories such as pallet racking materials and row spacers. Contact a company like All Storage Products for more information.