How can a self-storage company help your new business? Whether you're a baker, artist, or tech guru, take a look at the ways storage unit rental can help you to become a work-from-home entrepreneur.

Baking and Catering Businesses

Your baking or catering business might be booming, but you still might not have the necessary space to hold your tools, equipment, and other inventory at home. Before you spend money you don't have right now on a pricey commercial kitchen or office area, consider how a storage unit can help you to de-clutter and organize.

While most storage facilities won't allow food or other perishable products, you can store pots, pans, measuring cups, utensils, baking sheets, serving items, linens, and other similar equipment. Along with these items, you can also store office or business-related items, such as invoices, business cards, letterhead, promotional products, or envelopes, to your rental unit.

Art or Graphics Businesses

Like bakers and caterers, artists and graphic designers can also benefit from off-site storage. Again, some items are prohibited in self-storage. Not only are foods and perishables on this list, but it's likely the storage facility won't allow you to store anything hazardous or potentially flammable. Paint thinners, some types of paint products, adhesives, and other art supplies shouldn't go into off-site storage.

If you can't store the bulk of your work-related items, what can artists and designers put in a rental unit? De-clutter your studio or other at-home workspace and store paper, canvases, paintbrushes, pencils, pens, electronic items (such as a specialized printer), or office materials. Like other at-home professionals, you may have invoices, envelopes, and other administrative items to store.

Tech Businesses

A budding business in the tech field may require more devices and electronics than you can comfortably keep at home. Store duplicate devices and items you won't need right now. Before you store any electronic device, carefully pack the item. Ideally, you will have the original packaging. This provides the best protection for the electronic item.

When the original packaging isn't a storage option, protect the item with bubble wrap or lint-free cloths. Place the device into a sturdy cardboard box or plastic bin. Prevent transportation-related bumps or other damage and pack the box or bin with extra bubble wrap or rolled towels.

Remove all cords or accessories before you pack your device. Place these items into a plastic zipper baggie before you put them into storage. Tape the bag to the inside of the box or bin to reduce the loss risk.

For more advice on how you can use a self-storage unit to help your business, talk to a storage company in your area like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage.