Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house that you rent or own, you may need more storage space than you have available at some point in time. If you decide that renting a storage unit is how you will solve this problem, you may be determined to maximize value in every way.

Understanding all the different ways that you can minimize costs on rental storage will help you decide on a facility and unit that satisfies your needs regarding value.


A reliable way that you are able to maximize value when renting from a storage facility is by picking one close by. Although you may find some tempting offers and features from distant facilities, you will always have to travel a considerable distance to get there. Also, you may measure value in time as well as money and faraway storage facilities can take up your time.

This makes it important to only consider storage units that are within a short driving distance in which you do not have to worry about traffic being an issue when driving there from home.


While looking at different facilities, you will likely come across all sorts of offers and lease options that you can choose from. Since a storage facility benefits most from long-term customers, you should find that the greatest values in terms of overall costs involve a long-term lease. If you know that you need storage long-term, you can sign a lengthy lease to maximize storage value.

When you are willing to exercise patience and search around enough, you may be able to find other bonuses that you can get with a long-term lease. For instance, you can get your hands on things such as a complimentary moving truck, pest control service, or electricity inside the unit.


A thorough inspection of unit sizes from various facilities will reveal that some places offer their units in limited sizes. While this means that availability may not be an issue, you should consider prioritizing facilities that offer their customers a lot of different sizes to choose from. This makes it possible to pick a unit that suits your needs as opposed to being a little too big or too small.

As a result, you can look forward to saving a bit of money on the monthly rent alone since you will not have to worry about paying extra by renting a unit that is larger than you need.

Using these tips should help you maximize value when renting storage. Look for a self-storage facility near you.