When you decide to start working as a dog sitter, you may have been open to visiting homes to watch over dogs as well as bringing dogs to your house and taking care of them. Getting your house ready to watch dogs is something that may have required time, effort, and dedication.

If you want to become a better dog sitter, especially in your home, you should consider self-storage, because it will open you up to new possibilities due to increased storage capacity.

Furniture Covers

While watching dogs in your home, you may expect them to use the furniture in every room that they are allowed inside. This means that you should expect your lounge chairs and sofas to pick up extra dirt and grime from when you bring dogs over and when they come in from the yard.

To avoid a situation in which your furniture gets worn down excessively fast, you should invest in covers that you can rotate out every month or every other month. A storage unit will give you a place to store enough covers to protect all the furniture in your home. You can also get multiple covers for each furniture piece so that you can always keep the inside of your home looking fresh.

Backyard Items

When you bring dogs into your home, you should expect them to spend a decent amount of time outside to play around, exercise, and go to the bathroom. A storage unit is just what you need to bring items into the backyard without making the space look cluttered at any time. You can set up a kiddy pool and sprinklers during spring and summer to make it easy for dogs to have fun.

During fall and winter, you can put the spring and summer-related items away and bring out other things such as obstacle course pieces that you can put together for fall and winter.

Seasonal Toys

While you will likely have outdoor seasonal activities to provide to dogs based on the weather, you may also like to stick with seasonal theming inside your home. Doing this will help you rotate toys in and out so that they do not get worn down over the course of a year or two.

Although you could store all the toys in the attic and closets of your home, you may like to reserve these storage spots for your family so that they have quick and easy access to anything. A storage unit will allow you to create a solid collection of seasonal toys to bring in throughout the year.

Renting a storage unit will give you a chance to become a better dog sitter in many ways.