Have you decided to rent a storage pod to clear some room in your home? If so, you may be trying to figure out what items are best for a storage pod and which items should be left at home. Here are some tips for what items should and shouldn't go inside a storage pod.

Store: Baby Clothes and Toys

Do you have a kid that has outgrown a variety of clothing and toys, but you plan to save the items for a future child? If so, this leaves you with a ton of stuff taking up space in your home with no use. These items are perfect for putting into a storage pod. Chances are that you are only taking the items out one more time, which is either to use the items or get rid of them. Since you won't need frequent access to what is inside the pod, you can have peace of mind knowing that the items are safe in storage until you may need them again one day.

Don't Store: Fragile Items

One thing to keep in mind with a storage pod is how they are delivered and returned. The pod is loaded onto a truck and dropped off at a storage facility. When the time comes to return the pod, it is brought back the exact same way. There is no way to guarantee how gently the storage pod will be set on the ground or put away at the storage facility, meaning that there is a risk of items breaking inside the pod. This is quite different from self storage, where you have control over putting items away since you handle everything yourself.

Store: Furniture

Furniture is big and bulky, and if you don't have room for it in your home right now, you're not going to free up the room anytime soon. Maybe you're waiting for a child to leave home to turn their bedroom into a den, or have hopes of finishing the basement sometime soon. Since you won't need to access unused furniture frequently, put it in a pod so it can be easily delivered to your home again.

Don't Store: Seasonal Items

Since you pay each time a storage pod is delivered to your home, you don't want to put items into a pod that you frequently use. While you may not want to look at your Christmas decorations all year round, it is something that you do need every single year. That makes it a better choice to keep seasonal items at home than to put away where you cannot easily reach them.

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