Protecting your car from winter weather can be a challenge if you don't have a garage. Fortunately, a metal carport can provide a nice alternative that will work well as long as you have a driveway or parking spot in which to set it up. The key is to make sure to set it up so it provides optimum protection. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Choose the right style

The design of the carport is very important, especially if your area has heavy snowfall in the winter months. Avoid flat-roof style carports, since snow can collect on the roof of these and cause a collapse.

A better option is to choose a style where snow can easily slide off. Rounded and pitched roof styles are relatively simple and don't retain snow.

In areas with heavy snowfall, the barn style carport is the optimum choice since snow slides off more easily. The roof also has more supports to make it better able to handle heavy loads in the event that ice forms.

Tip #2: Invest in gutters

Gutters on a carport can be especially helpful in areas with wet winters. You don't need to walk under dripping water to get to your car if you have gutters routing the water away.

You can purchase a gutter kit to add to the carport. Just like the gutters on your home, the gutters on a carport need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they work properly. You can even install leaf guards on the gutters to make cleaning them more easily.

Tip #3: Use a roof rake

In the event snow does collect on the roof, you will want to remove it promptly. Although very durable, too much weight on a carport can cause it to collapse. You especially don't want this to happen when your car is parked beneath it.

A roof rake is only a small investment, and it allows you to easily dislodge any snow that collects on the roof. As a bonus, you can also use the rake to remove excess snow from your home's roof.

Tip #4: Install an enclosure kit

Finally, consider installing an enclosure kit. This kit puts ventilated sides on the carport so that cold wind doesn't blow drifts under the carport. You don't have to install enclosure panels on all sides of the carport, only on those on the wind-exposed side.

For more information on using your metal carport, check it out at a business that sells them.