Maybe you have a bunch of seasonal equipment that you need to store somewhere other than your garage. Or maybe you're lucky enough to be going on an extended vacation, but need a place to keep your things safe until you come back. Whatever your situation, secure self storage units are usually a perfect solution. That said, not all units are created equally. Take a look below at three reasons why you might want to opt for a climate controlled unit for your stuff.

Combating Humidity

Not everybody is lucky enough to live in a place with perfect weather. In fact, for those who live in hot, humid climates, rust and mold are two very real facts of every day life. So if you're planning to keep your stuff in a unit for more than a few weeks and live in a humid locale, you'll almost certainly want to opt for a climate controlled unit. This will keep your stuff from rusting or being ruined by mildew, saving you a huge amount of money in the process.

Frequent Visits

Many people have lots of stuff that can't fit comfortably in their home, but at the same time, they also don't plan on taking off for months on end. These people are the type that plan to regularly visit their unit to dig out the stuff they need and perhaps reorganize the things that are already there. If this sounds similar to your situation, then a climate controlled storage unit may be the best fit for you. Frequent visits to a hot and stuffy unit can mean a miserably sweaty afternoon for many people, which actually discourages use of the unit over time.

Protecting Assets

Okay, let's say  that you don't live in a humid climate and that you don't plan on making frequent visits to your self storage unit. What then? Well, if you plan on storing anything of monetary or sentimental value, then it's almost always best to opt for a climate controlled unit. Even in dry climates, heat can ruin many items that are more sensitive to the elements, especially older ones. So whether you have a few family heirlooms or just a stack of old books that you want to keep in good condition for years to come, it's smart to pay that little extra for a unit that will keep your things like new.

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