If you own a valuable classic car, and you need to store it long-term, there are some things you will need to think about. It is important that you take the time to research the potential locations in your area and check with them to be sure they allow cars in their storage facilities. Most will but there are rules about how to store them

Renting a Storage Building

Take some time to research the properties in your area and what they have to offer. For a classic car, the best storage is going to be inside and if you can get climate controlled space, that is even better. Storing the car outside on their lot is not better than storing in your driveway, so if that is the only option, you may want to keep looking.

Preparing the Car For Storage

Most storage facilities are going to require the fuel to be drained from the tank before you put the car inside. You want to do that anyway because, over time, the fuel will deteriorate and cause damage in the fuel system. Change the oil and filter as well before putting the car away. That way, when it is started again in the future, the engine will have fresh, clean oil to lubricate all the moving parts. Place an oil drip pan under the engine to catch any oil that might drip while the car sits.

Getting the Car Off the Ground

Storing your car on its tires and wheels for a long period of time can cause damage to the tires. Raise the car off the ground with a jack and support it on solid jack stands while it is storage. The supports should be under the frame, not the suspension if at all possible. This will help preserve the tires and if they are original to the car, that could increase the value over time. You can even take the tires and wheels off the car and store them on a pallet in the storage building. Have them wrapped by a tire dealer and stack them flat on the pallet, not on the floor.

Reduce the Danger of Fire

Once the fuel has been drained from the car, the next biggest concern is electrical system shorts. Removing the battery from the car will ensure that there is no risk of fire from a short circuit. Some storage facilities will require you to do this but not all do. Don't just detach the battery cables, remove the battery entirely so there is no possibility of any wire contacting the battery posts.

Protecting the Finish

Wash and wax the car before you put it away to protect the paint and finish of the car. If the paint is original, this will again add to the value later. Put a soft, lint-free cover over the car as the final step then lock the unit up. Check on the car monthly to ensure there is nothing damaging it while it is in storage.

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