If you are in the process of relocating to a new city or state, you know how arduous the packing process can be. Placing all of your belongings into boxes that can easily be transferred from one location to another requires the use of packing supplies. If you are worried about the environmental impact your packing activities will have once you throw your packing supplies away, it's important to realize that there are some simple ways that you can go green when packing.

Here are three ideas you can implement to reduce your reliance on disposable packing supplies in the future.

1. Use clothing to protect fragile objects.

Objects made from glass or other delicate materials can often sustain damage during a move if they are not protected properly. Traditionally, movers have invested in packing peanuts or bubble wrap to help keep their fragile items safe from harm.

If you don't want to create additional waste during your move, you can use clothing items to protect your fragile objects instead. Lining your packing boxes with soft sweaters will help to prevent jostling and damage during transit.

2. Eliminate moving boxes whenever possible.

Most people only use their moving boxes for a limited amount of time and then toss them out. If you want to reduce the number of moving boxes that you use to pack your items, then you should allow your furnishings to double as moving receptacles whenever possible.

Keeping your items inside of drawers and securing them with garbage bags to keep items from coming loose will allow you to reduce the number of moving boxes that you throw out when your move is complete.

3. Don't waste any space inside your moving boxes.

In order to reduce the amount of waste that you generate during a move, you need to ensure that you are packing each box completely. This means stuffing even the smallest space with items that need to be moved.

You can easily place silverware inside of bowls, use pans to house towels, and place your spices in a crock pot to eliminate wasted space as you pack up your home.

Going green during a move doesn't have to be challenging. By doing a few simple things like using your clothing items to protect fragile belongings, eliminating the need for boxes by filling drawers with items instead, and preventing wasted space by placing small items inside larger ones you will be able to make your next move more green.