Have you been thinking about renting a storage unit from a facility like Econo Storage? If you have, then there are likely a few concerns that you may have, like the security and safety of your belongings while your items are being stored away, and of course, how much your rental rates will be. So, while searching for a storage facility to rent your unit from, there are a few things to keep in mind while considering which facility to select, like the following:

The Quality of Their Security:

Prior to signing a contract with any storage facility, be sure to request a tour of the facility. This will allow you to ask questions, but more importantly, see first hand the type of security they have in place. When touring the facility, be sure to keep a lookout for quality lock pads, surveillance cameras, and door alarms, as well as seek how many onsite security guards they have throughout the facility. This will give you an idea of how well they implement security throughout the facility so you can be confident that your storage unit will be safe.

Technology Features Within the Facility:

If you have valuable or fragile items that you are going to store away, be sure to seek a facility that offers up-to-date technology features within their units. This will allow you to obtain great features like climate control qualities so you can customize the temperature within your unit so you can avoid damages to any of your valuable and fragile items.

Contract and Lease Agreement Options:

If you want to maximize your savings while renting your storage unit, then be sure to seek a facility that offers lower rates with longer lease agreements. While giving your storage unit facility more of your business by agreeing to a long-term rental agreement, you will likely be able to obtain lower rental rates, and this can definitely save you money over the years.

Taking these tips into account when selecting your new storage unit can be a great way to select a storage unit facility that can provide more effective security and safety for your belongings while helping you save on your monthly rental cost. So, before you select the first storage unit you come across or hear about, be sure to take advantage of these tips so you can give yourself some peace of mind and the comfort of knowing your items are safe while being stored away in your unit and that you are not going to be overpaying.