If you are planning on storing many of your belongings inside a storage unit facility in the near future, you will most likely enjoy having them in a safe location while you are not able to care for them in your home or on your property. Taking the time to prepare your belongings for storage in advance of placing them in the unit will make it much easier to find a specific item when necessary. Here are some tips you can use to find your items quickly when visiting your unit.

Label All Containers On Tops And Sides

It is a good idea to take the time to put labels on all containers you plan on placing in a storage unit. This will save you time from opening boxes and lifting up lids on storage tubs to see what contents are present. Placing a label on each side of an enclosure, as well as on the top lid, will help you see the contents from a distance away, making it easier for you to grab and go when necessary. Make sure the text on each label is printed with a thick, dark-colored marker so it is visible from afar.

Place Items You May Need Near The Front Of The Unit

When you place items inside of your storage unit, hold off on placing important items until last. Place items you know you will not need anytime soon along the back wall. Giving items an order of priority in their usage will make it easier to find a specific item in a flash.

Place A Map Near Your Storage Unit's Door

As you position your items as you wish inside of your storage unit, it is a great idea to keep track of their location with a map. Draw a diagram of the interior of your storage unit and write in labels indicating where each item is located within your unit's walls. This map should be drawn in pencil so you can tweak it should you decide to move things around at a later date.

When the information on your map is completed, you can place the paper inside a plastic sheet protector. This can then be attached to the storage unit wall in a convenient location for quick look-up if needed. Placing it right by the doorway is best so you can refer to it when entering your unit. For more information, contact local professionals like Glenbrook Self Storage.