Are you thinking about taking a job overseas? Are you unsure whether the posting will be for or a few years, so you're not sure what to do with your current vehicle? If you have a good vehicle, you might not want to sell it, in case you'll be returning in a few months. On the other hand, an improperly stored vehicle may need serious repairs if left for an extended period of time. To prepare for your overseas posting, here are some of the most crucial steps to prepare your vehicle for long term storage:

Choose indoor storage: Outdoor covered car storage can work, but it's really best if you are able to get an interior location. Being inside will help protect the vehicle from temperature extremes and will help prevent animals from finding your vehicle and using it as their new home. A good inside storage location is the key to preventing any such surprises.

Wash your vehicle: Before putting your vehicle into car storage, it's important to take it to the car wash. Bits of dirt and debris left on the paint for months can cause damage. In addition, vacuuming out your vehicle and installing an air freshener inside may help prevent it from smelling musty once you pick up your vehicle from the car storage lot.

Fill up the gas tank: An empty, or nearly empty, gas tank may trap and hold water vapor inside. This can result in your gas tank rusting out, even in a climate controlled interior storage location, forcing you to pay to have it replaced. Filling up the tank will help prevent this possibility. Before filling up your tank for the last time, you should add fuel stabilizers to your tank. This will help keep your gas from separating into different compounds, evaporating, and going bad which something else that could potentially damage your gas tank.

Find someone to drive your vehicle: Many parts of your vehicle can actually wear out faster if not used. Being left in car storage too long can result in a dead battery and flat tires. If you have a friend or relative in the area, it's probably worth it to pay him or her a small amount to pick up your vehicle from the storage location every month. Have them drive it around for an hour or two to recharge the battery, then take it to a gas station to refill the tank and the tires. Every few months, you may want to ask them to add more fuel stabilizer to keep your tank protected.

While you may trust your friend or relative, you may want to consider paying him or her per mile driven, up to a certain mileage amount, and having him or her send you a picture of your odometer as proof. This way you know that your vehicle is being cared for.

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